Rates & Info


We are delighted to offer below our Special Rates for the Summer Season and these will be effective from 1st June through to end September, 2015.

Please note that these rates ONLY apply for bookings in Pattaya and thus are not available for trips to other parts of Thailand or for overseas visits.

1 hour reduced to B3,000

2 hours reduced to B5,000

4 hours reduced to B7,000

10 hours reduced to B10,000

24 hours reduced to B12,000

24+ hours reduced to B12,000 for the first day then B10,000 each day thereafter.

The B2,000 additional fee for A Level service still applies and for bookings of 4 hours or less the additional fee of B2,000 per girl for a Lesbian Show is also still applicable.

Princess’s Services, Rates and Info

All rates for the My Princess Escorts, Pattaya are shown on each Princesses own page

Please note that the rates are NOT negotiable for any of our escorts

Payment should be made to the Princess when she arrives

Cancellation, for any reason, once the escort arrives will be charged at B1,000

All payments are to be made in cash and in Thai Baht only

No bookings will be confirmed until we have checked your hotel room number and spoken to you on the hotel land line. Provisional bookings can, of course, be made but you will be required to provide us with your room number AT LEAST one hour before your appointment time.

Each additional hour or part-thereof, if agreed to by the Princess, over the original booking time will be charged at B1,000 where the original booking is two hours or longer. Where an initial booking is for one hour only then the first additional hour is B2,000 and each hour thereafter an additional B1,000.

For the My Princess girls A level service, where available, is charged at B2,000 in addition to the fee for the period booked. Please note this surcharge does NOT apply when booking any of our ladyboy escorts.Similarly an additional charge of B2,000 is payable for a ‘Lesbian Show’ where the booking period is less than ten hours duration.

If you book two or more Princesses the rate for each escort girl is as shown on her own page

To see couples a Princesses rate is DOUBLE that shown on her page. If you book two escort girls for a couple then the rates shown on their page apply and NOT the double charge.

The girls are told NOT to ask for any ‘tip’ or additional money from any customer. However, we are not there in the room with you and the girl. Should you be asked for additional money please telephone us immediately and we will speak with the girl there and then. Should the service be so good that you wish to offer the lady something extra that is your choice and we are certain it will be gratefully accepted.

Should there ever be any problem between yourself and the girl please call out office on 0930 154 102 whilst the escort is still with you. this way we may be able to resolve the problem immediately. Dealing with problems after the event is not easy and by that time the escorts have had time to possibly come up with a different set of events!


Our Princesses do not meet with more than one man

‘Couples’ refers to a man and wife or man and girlfriend. Our escort girls do not meet with escort girls from other agencies or with girls from other similarly styled establishments.

The rates shown for our Princesses are for companionship only. All and any activities that take place will be the choice of mutually consenting adults

As you will have seen the My Princess Pattaya escorts are all young and enthusiastic partners who will treat you to the time of your life. All they ask is that you treat them respectfully